“Dennis has provided me with outstanding medical care with various issues over the last many years, including both physical and mental health. He is a keen listener and asks good questions to make a thorough assessment. Dennis follows-up on issues that even I’ve forgotten about to make sure they are resolved while he considers a current treatment for me. Dennis uses various techniques and is conscientious about patient comfort. His office space is comfortable and clean and I enjoy his wide variety of music (bonus!). Most importantly, his treatments always, always solve my issues and I walk out feeling so much better!”

-S.A, Seattle


“I first started seeing Dennis for smoking cessation, however, what I didn’t realize is how much benefit I would receive in almost all areas of my life! My anxiety dissipated, my digestion regulated, and my skin became more clear. Even when I didn’t think I would be able to quit smoking, Dennis assured me that I would, and then one day, it was like a switch was flipped and I didn’t want to smoke anymore. I see him regularly, two years later, because of the wonderful benefits of his treatments. I’m always amazed how much better I feel and the day after my treatments my skin looks and feels radiant. Thank you, Dennis!”

-C.R, Seattle


“I feel very fortunate to have someone like Dennis as part of my medical team. Being 76 years old and with a myriad of medical problems, I have provided Dennis with many opportunities to utilize his medical expertise.  Treating  my macular degeneration with both herbs and acupuncture has helped to keep it from progressing. While going through breast cancer treatment, I received acupuncture treatments and I really feel that in combination with the other procedures  we achieved success in defeating the disease, And on a personal note, my visits with Dennis are always so pleasurable in that he takes time to chat with me about all aspects of my life, the psychological as well as the physical.”

-M.B, Vashon


“I started going to Dennis last year when I was under extreme emotional stress and on the verge of becoming physically Ill.  The treatments he has given me vary in focus  at each appointment according to my current state of wellness and maintain the overall plan that we made at my first appointment.  I am glad to be in such good hands.  Now I look forward to my acupuncture visits because I know I will be in better health when I leave.”

-B.W, West Seattle


“When I made the decision to begin a course of treatment, I was very ill, and thought, “now what am I going to do?”.  Dennis has guided me out of a chronic illness and is my doctor who follows the underlying issues that can provoke illness in me.  He is a very intelligent, intuitive and caring person.  I like the way he approaches the art as well as the science of acupuncture.  Dennis is a trustworthy doctor.”

-M.S, Vashon


“Having never tried acupuncture before, I called Dennis just to give it a try. Like most people, I was nervous.  He is easy-going, and made me feel comfortable. I went there with a whole list of issues, and he figured out a way to work through them all. He even has done follow-up calls just to see how I was doing! He’s great, and I highly recommend him.”

-J.E, Seattle


“Dennis is Amazing!!  I visit him regularly and can’t give enough praise.  You can tell he cares for people by the way he listens to everything you have to say ?  He also does little extras .  .  .  I especially love the warming lamp on my feet!  It’s a very peaceful experience and I feel like I’m floating every time I leave his office!  Thank you Dennis!”

-A.K, Vashon


“I met Dennis first as a friend and then went to see him for acupuncture. After growing up receiving many shots and IV’s I wasn’t a fan of acupuncture but Dennis quickly put me at ease. His warmth, integrity, commitment to his work and getting results for his clients, his knowledge and follow through were evident from the start. He creates a warm, nurturing environment that helps put you at ease to support the healing process. He is a great listener and then is able to synthesize the information to create the perfect treatment to achieve results. I would highly recommend Dennis to anyone seeking acupuncture. I feel that Dennis really cares for his patients and wants the best for them in all ways!”

-K.J, Seattle


“Dennis is an extremely talented acupuncturist! I frequently refer clients for various issues including digestive disorders, high blood pressure, chronic pain, insomnia and smoking cessation. One of the clients I sent for smoking cessation said “my sessions with Dennis are like therapy for the soul.” Dennis is knowledgeable and experienced, but more importantly, he genuinely cares about his patients and he gets great results!”

-M.B, MS, RD, West Seattle


“Many of my personal friends have claimed the benefits of acupuncture to me for years. Until I met Dennis I was never comfortable with it but since the very first visit/treatment the results have been nothing short of amazing! Dennis spends time with me each treatment to follow up on previous results, what is my current need and ultimate treatment. Do your self a favor…..have Dennis treat you, you will be amazed!”

-B.T, West Seattle


“Dennis has helped me with so much!”
-W.R, Vashon