Community Acupuncture Drop-In Clinic

Due to concerns regarding Covid-19, Community Acupuncture is not being offered at this time. In a Community Acupuncture setting, there is no way to maintain social distancing standards that can guarantee everyone’s safety during a pandemic. So unfortunately, I have had to discontinue offering this service until further notice.


The Community Acupuncture Clinic is offered at the Vashon office (Full Circle) every Tuesday evening from 6:30 to 8:30 pm.  No appointment is necessary, and patients are treated on a first come, first served basis. Treatments last roughly 30 minutes, so patients should show up by 8:00 at the latest in order to be seen.

The Community Acupuncture Clinic offers those with limited income an opportunity to receive treatment at a greatly reduced cost. Patients will share a treatment room with several other people, and most will be treated sitting in chairs or a recliner. This treatment model, while still relatively rare in the U.S, is one which has been used in Asia for a long, long time, and is rapidly gaining popularity in the West.  The shared experience of receiving treatment with others has unique and appealing benefits. Most people find the atmosphere and energy generated by the group environment particularly welcoming and comforting. There is also the opportunity for those who are apprehensive about treatment to talk to other patients first if they desire, or even to simply sit and watch, if space allows.