How it works

Acupuncture works with the fundamental life force known as Qi (pronounced “Chee”), and a system of pathways through which this Qi flows. These pathways, usually called “meridians”, connect to the internal organs, and the Qi which flows through them nourishes and gives life to every cell in the body, just as irrigation systems bring water to all the places where it is needed.  When the natural flow of Qi becomes interrupted or disturbed, or when the supply of Qi from the organs is insufficient, illness results.  Acupuncture needles stimulate points along the meridians to restore the proper flow of Qi through them to and from the organs, and thereby return the organism to the healthy, balanced state that nature designed.

Traditional Chinese medical theory makes no significant distinction between physical and mental health. Consequently, acupuncture treatment will often improve both simultaneously, as the underlying causes of emotional discomfort may be rooted in the physical body, or vice versa.

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